Saturday, December 30, 2006

Latin Languor

I was in a town center that was being rebuilt, though I'm not sure what town it was. I was sitting on a low concrete wall next to some steps that led down to the water behind me. There were a few buildings in front of me on the other side of a square that used to have parking spaces on all four sides. All vegetation was gone and the land between me and the buildings had been razed. There was nothing left there but dirt. It was winter, and I commented to my mother (who I don't remember seeing, but I do remember commenting to) that I was glad they didn't choose to do this in the spring because the flowers there had always been so pretty in the spring. I remembered in particular some tall purple flowers, but I don't know what they were called.

I was reading a book, and had just finished the first chapter. The heroine was an unmarried woman in her 40's, with short, prematurely grey hair. It seemed she had no interest in relationships, but she had just met a man that I liked very much based on what I had read, and I wondered if they would end up in a relationship after all. I skimmed ahead in the book, saw a couple of italicized paragraphs in Latin, wondered what that would be about, and noted the last part of Chapter 2, which led me to believe she would indeed be won over by this man, and very soon. I woke up with two things running through my head: a Latin phrase ("quo glorius annum," by my translation meaning "in which a glorious year") and the last part of the last sentence of Chapter 2 ("...and she decided she wasn't distracted anymore.")

Saturday, July 08, 2006


I was teaching someone (male, can't remember who) how to do "magic" by using the mind ... if you could visualize something vividly enough, whether levitating yourself or an inanimate object, or making something come to you, you could make it happen. At one point, this person and I were on a raft of some sort in a body of water near a retaining wall when we were thrown from the raft by some force under the water. Panicked, I concentrated as hard as I could given my great fear, and shot straight up out of the water. A large creature came out of the water beneath me and was still coming up as my ascent slowed. I screamed in anticipation of being caught by the beast, and these screams woke me from the dream.

This dream was most likely inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Flights of Fancy

K, Mina, Layla and I were walking along an unfamiliar sidewalk in an unfamiliar town, and there were two helium balloons floating alongside us. No one was holding the balloons, yet they weren't floating away. One of the balloons was heart-shaped, and had the name of a restaurant on it. Mina wanted to go to this place. K asked me if I knew where it was, and I said I didn't. He reached for the balloons even as he told me to grab them so we wouldn't lose the name of the place. As I grabbed the ribbons of the two balloons, I was lifted about a foot off the ground. K grabbed my hand and was also lifted. We called to the girls to grab our hands. Mina grabbed mine, and Layla was running to catch Mina's. She kept slipping from Mina's hand, so I let go of K and grabbed Layla. K caught the hand of one of the girls. That's all there was, other than a couple of people on the other side of the street pointing at us, but it was a very happy feeling, to be floating with the girls.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

A Visit From Layla

My favorite dream since losing the girls was only about Layla, and felt so real that to this day, I'm still not sure whether it was a dream, a hallucination, or a visitation. I spent the night at my mom's house, and I seemed to awaken right at dawn. There is a big mirror against the wall in that bedroom, and I woke facing it. As I lay there thinking and the light in the room slowly increased, I could see in the mirror what looked for all the world like the top of Layla's head on the pillow behind mine. I froze, sure it was a trick of the light or a bunched up blanket, but not wanting to move or shatter the illusion. A moment later, she lifted her head enough for me to see the familiar sleepy face as she put her fingers in her mouth as she always did and laid back down. At this point, I couldn't decide whether I was hallucinating or dreaming, but I didn't want it to end, regardless, so I still refused to move. A couple of minutes later, she was still there, so I tentatively said, "Layla?" I heard a sleepy, "Hmm?" I could hear her! I could talk to her! I talked to her about what heaven was like and whether she was happy there (she said she was.) I asked her if she could fly there. This had been a big concern for me, because just about a week before I lost them, I had assured them that they could fly in heaven. She said she could. I asked her who her favorite person was there, and she told me it was the "toy lady." I asked the toy lady's name, and she told me it was Nohrin. I was a little alarmed at this, because I have a Japanese friend named Nohrin who had just recently moved back to Japan, but I checked with her later, and she was fine. I finally mustered the courage to roll over and face Layla, but she didn't disappear. I couldn't resist touching her and cuddling her, fully expecting her to dissipate if I tried, but she snuggled up to me and I was overjoyed. I tried to smell her hair, but there was no scent to her whatsoever. I'd like to point out here that in my dreams, I can see color, smell, taste, read things and remember what I've read, so the lack of smell didn't necessarily mean to me that I was dreaming. As I was pondering the meaning of this, music started playing outside. I looked toward the window and noticed that the sun was rising. The music sounded like a very loud church orchestra, and I was wondering (not without some aggravation) who would be making so much noise so early in the morning out in the country where my mother lives. I realized too late that as I was distracted from her, Layla had vanished. My first reaction was anger at myself for letting myself get distracted, for starting to take her appearance for granted. My next thought was gratitude for the time I had with her. The music had faded as my thoughts turned back to Layla, but there was never any sense of waking up. I laid quietly for some time, going over what had happened in my mind, then I got up and went out to the living room to tell my mother what had happened.

I know different people will have different opinions about what I experienced. I'm not even sure of my own opinion. I'm just glad it happened, whatever it was.

Addendum: Some time after that dream, I noticed that the mirror had been moved out of that room in my mom's house. I kept forgetting to ask her about it until she read this post and mentioned it to me. She asked Robbie, and it turns out that mirror has been in a packing box in the garage ever since they moved into that house. I sat in stunned disbelief, remembering how real it had seemed, and how I told my mother all the details immediately afterward. I'm sure I went back into my room after talking to my mom, to get dressed if nothing else, and wouldn't I have noticed if the mirror hadn't been there, as convinced as I was that it was real? It's hard to put my disappointment into words, but I still think there was something miraculous about that visit, even if it turns out it had to be a dream. November 2,2005

Saturday, July 05, 2003

Mina and Layla

The girls and I rode on an elevator that opened directly into a pink apartment. The only thing in the room aside from the pink carpet and pink couch was a television. We were very happy, and they were taking turns being swung around and around by me. Mina turned the television on and laid down on her back to watch. I sat down on the couch, and Layla was on her knees next to Mina, pushing on her tummy. I told her to be gentle with Mina, and asked her why she was doing that. She said, "Someone was doing that to me one time." Immediately I realized that I was dreaming, that the girls had died, and that Layla must have seen the resuscitation attempts. I woke feeling comforted that I had been allowed to see them and play with them.