Thursday, March 24, 2005

Flights of Fancy

K, Mina, Layla and I were walking along an unfamiliar sidewalk in an unfamiliar town, and there were two helium balloons floating alongside us. No one was holding the balloons, yet they weren't floating away. One of the balloons was heart-shaped, and had the name of a restaurant on it. Mina wanted to go to this place. K asked me if I knew where it was, and I said I didn't. He reached for the balloons even as he told me to grab them so we wouldn't lose the name of the place. As I grabbed the ribbons of the two balloons, I was lifted about a foot off the ground. K grabbed my hand and was also lifted. We called to the girls to grab our hands. Mina grabbed mine, and Layla was running to catch Mina's. She kept slipping from Mina's hand, so I let go of K and grabbed Layla. K caught the hand of one of the girls. That's all there was, other than a couple of people on the other side of the street pointing at us, but it was a very happy feeling, to be floating with the girls.


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